March 22, 2023

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Two months in jail for assaulting woman with pearl earring

Environmentalists put strong glue on their heads to protect the jobs.

Two environmental activists were sentenced on Wednesday, November 2, to two months in jail, one of which was suspended, for the attack. Girl with pearl earring A famous painting by Johannes Vermeer has gone on display in the Netherlands, Dutch media reported.

Three Belgians, two aged 45 and one 42, stuck themselves with strong glue to the glass protecting the 1665 work at the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague (west) last week. Elsewhere in Europe.

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A “shocking” action

The museum said there was no damage to the painting. But the court at The Hague admitted that the frame and back plate were damaged and decreed the action “ShockingTo many, Dutch news agency ANP reported. “One can only imagine the fragility of such a painting and how it could have been lost if it had gone wrong.A judge quoted by ANP said.

Suspect Wouter M. was sentenced to four months in prison for sticking his head in a window, two of which were suspended. According to ANP, he said he carefully considered the risks of his action. Prosecutors had asked for four months, two of which were suspended, and a second suspect, Peter G. ANP reported that he denied any knowledge of the films he was about to shoot.

According to ANP, a third activist who emptied a can of what appeared to be tomato sauce will be arraigned on Friday. The move in the Netherlands comes on the heels of other acts of vandalism in recent weeks.

This caused environmentalists to throw tomato soup on a glass plate Van Gogh’s Sunflowers At the National Gallery in London and others in Germany, Claude Monet’s painting Haystacks was painted with mashed potatoes on the glass.

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