June 2, 2023

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Two people were killed in a Russian attack on a building in the Krivi Rig area

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France condemns new Russian strikes “with the utmost resoluteness”.

France has announced its “most firm” condemnation of recent Russian strikes that have damaged energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

“These actions in no way weaken France’s determination to support Ukraine and fight impunity,” Quai d’Orsay wrote in a press release.

EU bans drone engine exports to Russia

The European Union on Friday banned the export of drone engines to Russia and to “all third countries” that could supply the components in order to deprive the Kremlin of these weapons used against Ukraine.

The move is one of the provisions of the 9th round of sanctions approved at a European summit in Brussels on Thursday evening, which came into effect on Friday with its publication in the EU’s Official Journal.

Croatian parliament refuses to train Ukrainian soldiers

The Croatian government failed on Friday to persuade parliament to vote to welcome Ukrainian soldiers to train in the Balkan country after divisive debates.

The European Union has announced the launch of the largest military training mission in its history, which aims to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in various member states to fight against Russia.

The issue has divided the political class of the EU and NATO’s smaller member states.

EU condemns “Kremlin’s blind terrorism”.

The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, condemned Russia’s missile attacks against Ukraine this Friday as war crimes and “another example of the Kremlin’s blind terrorism”.

“These cruel and inhumane attacks are aimed at increasing the suffering of the Ukrainian people and losing people, but also hospitals, emergency services and other essential services of electricity, heating and water. They are war crimes and barbaric. All those responsible will be held accountable,” he said in a statement. stated.

Kyiv residents take refuge in the metro

At least 40 Russian missiles were fired at the city of Kiev on Friday. Faced with this new wave of strikes, people took shelter in the metro itself.

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At least nine Ukrainian power plants have been affected by Russian strikes

Nine Ukrainian power plants were damaged Friday after Russia attacked massive energy infrastructure, Ukraine’s energy minister said. In comments reported by Reuters.

“We are already seeing damage to at least nine production facilities. We are still checking the damage,” German Kalushchenko said.

Russia fired 76 missiles at Ukraine on Friday, military commander says

Russia fired 76 missiles at Ukraine — 60 of which were shot down — on Friday, according to the chief of staff of the Ukrainian armed forces.

It has been reported that more than 40 missiles were fired towards Kyiv early this morning. Again, most of them were shot down by Ukrainian security forces.

Kyiv metro paralyzed by power cut after Russian strike

The metro in the Ukrainian capital, Kew, will be at a standstill for the rest of the day this Friday after a new salvo of Russian bombing in the morning due to a power outage.

“Due to damage to the energy system and emergency power cut, metro trains will not run until the end of the day,” the city administration announced in a telegram.

kyiv without water or electricity: “People still unite in these situations”, a resident testifies to BFMTV

“The explosions happened when I was on my way to work. At first, I thought it was demining because I didn’t hear the warning,” Alina, a Belarusian living in Kyiv, told BFMTV.

“I have children at home, and very quickly I went to get them in a taxi,” the resident continues, taking refuge in the metro.

“People will be more united under these conditions. Maybe we won’t have water, we won’t have electricity. But the main thing is that there are no Russians in Kew,” Alina insisted.

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Strikes in Kharkiv: A dozen missiles hit the city, according to the regional chief

In Cork, “The wind warning went off at 7:30 this morning,” reports Quentin Boullier, our correspondent on the spot.

“Around 9am, very strong explosions rocked the city,” he told BFMTV.

“A dozen missiles, according to the head of the regional administration, hit the city’s surroundings at strategic targets such as energy sites”.

To find safety and warmth, many residents sought refuge in the city’s metro, which was shut down when the power went out.

Russia launched “about 40 missiles” at Q on Friday morning

Moscow fired “about 40 missiles” at the Q on Friday morning, specifically causing water cuts, regional officials in the Ukrainian capital announced.

“About 40 missiles were registered in the capital’s airspace. 37 of them were destroyed by air defense forces,” the military administration of the Kyiv region said in a telegram, adding that it “countered one of the largest missile attacks” since Russia’s inception. Invasion in late February.

In Kryvyi Rig, rescue operations continue after a Russian attack on a building

“These photos released by the National Emergency Service of Ukraine show a residential building in Kryvyi Rih that was hit by a Russian missile on December 16. According to the agency, 2 people, including 3 children, were killed and 6 injured. The rescue operation continues. ,” reports. Independence of Kiev.

Vladimir Putin will meet Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk on Monday

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Belarus on Monday, the Belarusian Presidential Media Service announced on Friday, as strikes continued in several Ukrainian cities this morning.

He will meet Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk and attend a summit aimed at further strengthening their alliance. Belarus, Russia’s only ally in the war, lent its territory to allow a Russian attack on Kiev at the beginning of the invasion.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the summit on Monday will be “above all (dedicated) to the economic sphere”, but the two leaders will also talk about “the political-military situation around our countries”.

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8 killed in Ukraine attack in Luhansk region

Russian occupation authorities in the Ukrainian region of Lugansk (east) blamed Ukrainian forces on Friday morning for shelling two areas, killing eight people and injuring 23 others.

“Early this morning, a nationalist artillery attack targeted the town of Stakhanov and the village of Lanradovka in the Troitsky District. Eight people died and 23 of us were wounded,” the regional leader said. Russian, Leonid Bascheknik.

Two people were killed in a Russian attack on a building in the Krivi Rik area

At least two people were killed and five wounded in Friday’s Russian attack on an apartment building in Kryvyi Rik in southern Ukraine, regional governor Valentin Reznichenko announced.

“A Russian missile hit a residential building. (…) Two people died,” Valentin Reznitchenko announced in a telegram.

“At least five people, including two children, were injured. All are in hospital,” he added.

To cope with blasts, “electric trains” are powered by “reserve locomotives”.

Ukrainian Railways said on Friday morning that “electric trains” operating in the regions of Kharkiv, Kyivgrad, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk will “operate with reserve engines” due to strikes targeting various Ukrainian cities.

Water cut in Kew, Kharkiv and Poltava without electricity after strikes

In Kiev, morning Russian strikes halted the metro so stations could function as shelters. The capital’s mayor also cited water cuts.

The mayors of Kharkiv (northeast) and Poltava (central east) announced that their cities were without electricity following the morning blast. The strikes also targeted the Zaporizhia region.

Russian attacks targeting several Ukrainian cities

Several cities in Ukraine were hit by Russian strikes this Friday morning. Among them: kyiv, Karkiv, Poltava, Kryvyï rik, but in the Zaporijjia region.


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