May 30, 2023

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Uncertainty about the destination of the first grain boat “Razoni” to leave Ukraine

But where is Razoni going? A ship carrying Ukraine’s first export of grain from February 24 Russian invasion It did not land in Lebanon on Sunday as planned. Sailing after three days Since stopping in Istanbul for an inspectionThe boat, which was carrying about 26,500 tons of Ukrainian maize, flew the flag of Sierra Leone and suddenly changed course, it was reported. Echoes.

“Its owner informed me that he is no longer going to the port of Tripoli,” Ahmed Damer, director of the port of the major city in northern Lebanon, told the newspaper on Saturday evening. The ship is now anchored off the Turkish coast at the entrance to Alexandretta Bay.

According to an official source familiar with the matter, the ship will not dock in Lebanon if it can sell its cargo to a merchant in another country. A delivery to Syria is being considered, according to several sources, in advance of his role RTL.

According to the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon, “the final buyer in Lebanon refused to accept the shipment due to the delay in delivery conditions. (Five months) “. “The sender is looking for another recipient. It may be in Lebanon or another country,” the Ukrainian embassy tweeted.

Three new convoys

If its new destination is not clear, the Ukrainian Embassy in Beirut is in any case shocked, still according to Les Echos. The delegation initially invited journalists to attend the boat arrival, which was expected on Sunday. She was happy that this Ukrainian wheat would “help alleviate the food crisis that Lebanon is currently experiencing.”

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This export was eventually approved first An agreement was concluded on July 22 in Istanbul between Russia and Ukraine under the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations. The deal aims to enable war-stopped exports of Ukrainian grain and Russian agricultural products, despite Western sanctions, to ease the global food crisis and rising prices in some poor countries.

On Friday, three new shipments of corn left Ukraine in a convoy, the Turkish Defense Ministry said. The three buildings will serve Ireland, the UK and Turkey, the same source said.