June 2, 2023

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US President Joe Biden signs $ 40 billion direct aid to Ukraine

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14h38 : McDonald’s sells 850 Russian restaurants to local businessman to prove its opposition to military invasion of Ukraine While waiting for the brand’s last restaurant in Moscow to close, some people are already regretting their “Big Mac”. Report from here franceinfo. (Sylvain Transset / Radio France)

14h43 : Joe Biden signs $ 40 billion aid bill for Ukraine Approved by Congress on Thursday, this giant envelope is designed for the Ukrainian war effort against Russia and in particular allows to equip Ukraine with $ 6 billion in armored vehicles and strengthen its anti-aircraft defenses.

14h43 : Last night, while climbing the stairs of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, a woman exploded on the red carpet condemning the sexual violence against women in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict with Russia. Behind this act: the movement scam of feminist and radical activists. France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur returns to this event. This Friday, May 20, while climbing the stairs of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, a woman came running and screamed as the ceremony began.LOIC VENANCE / AFP

10h58 : “Absolutely [du conflit] Be diplomatic “. War, she “There will be bloodshed, it will fight, but it will definitely end with diplomacy.”Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Ukrainian television channel. “There are things we can only achieve at the negotiating table. We want everything to come back [comme avant]That “Russia does not want to”While talks between Moscow and kyiv are stalled, the Ukrainian president said.

10h07 : Gasprom announces suspension of all gas supplies to Finland, following refusal of the country to pay the ruble. The Russian group says it will supply 1.49 billion m3 of natural gas to Finland by 2021, or two-thirds of the country’s consumption. However, natural gas is only 8% of the energy consumed in Finland and the Nordic country claims to rely on other supply sources.

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10h09 : Russia has been accused of handing over crops for several weeks and then trying to export them on its own. How did the war deeply disrupt agricultural activity in Ukraine? We explain everything in this article. A farm near Kiev (Ukraine), April 27, 2022. (MIGUEL GUTIERREZ / EFE / SIPA)(Miguel Gutierrez / efe / Ciba)

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Now we know Organization of the Government of Elizabeth Bourne, Which includes 13 women and 14 men. The Prime Minister is traveling to Calvados, the sixth constituency in the state where he will be a candidate in the Legislative Assembly election. From 11 a.m., he will go to the dairy farm in Voltaire. Follow our lives.

The supply of natural gas from Russia to Finland was suspended this morning. The Nordic country, which angered Moscow by its decision to join NATO, joins Poland and Bulgaria in the countries that cut Gazprom gas because they refused to pay in rubles, which was created in April. Finland has already lost Russian electricity exports since mid-May.

Azovstel Steelworks, the last fortress guarded by Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, went under Russian control yesterday. This morning, Russian forces were attacking Qi’s positions in the eastern part of the country. Follow our lives.

•Starliner, The Boeing capsule reached the International Space Station for the first time. This unmanned test flight was many years behind SpaceX.