June 3, 2023

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Violent protests after Santa Cruz governor jailed

Luis Fernando Camacho, the governor of Santa Cruz and one of the main opponents of the Bolivian government, was jailed for four months on Friday, December 30, after sparking violent street clashes between civilians and police in his region.

Judge Sergio Pacheco previously ordered “Detention Application for Accused Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca”WHO “To serve four months at Sonkogoro Prison Centre”, a high-security prison located in the Bolivian Andes, 30 kilometers from the country’s capital, La Paz. He was soon transferred there, according to televised images.

Thursday, 43-year-old Mr. The prosecution requested a six-month pretrial detention against Camacho. He was arrested on Wednesday at the behest of the prosecution “Terrorism” A “riot” Leftist former president Evo Morales was indicted in November 2019.

Violent conflicts

The jailing of an influential opposition leader sparked clashes between protesters and police on Friday in Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s most populous city and the country’s economic engine. According to initial reports, at least four civilians have been arrested.

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Agence France-Presse noted that during these demonstrations, youths besieged police department command offices. In response, the police fired teargas shells. A Unitel TV reporter was injured.

For his part, Mr. Camacho has repeatedly defended himself from instigating a coup and likes to talk about a popular uprising against Evo Morales (2006-2019), whom he accuses of rigging presidential elections to stay in power in 2019. .

Opposition parties have condemned the arrest

Luis Fernando Camacho is one of the main leaders of the Bolivian right and leads the second political opposition party in parliament behind former centrist President Carlos Meza’s Citizens Social Party.

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Former Bolivian Presidents Jeanine Añez (2019-2020) and Jorge Quiroga (2001-2002), Mr. From the same political side as Camacho, as well as Mr. Mesa (2014-2018) condemned the arrest of the governor. Jeanine Añez was sentenced to ten years in prison in June for the same charges.

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Supporters of Louis Arce’s socialist government, Mr. Camacho’s detention was welcomed. Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez, a former minister under Evo Morales, said in particular « Justice [devait] do its job”.

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