May 30, 2023

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Vladimir Putin has said that Ukraine has nothing against Russia joining the European Union

Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Ukraine had “no opposition” to Russia’s membership in the European Union.

His enemy is TheOtton, Not the European Union. Vladimir confirmed it once again this Friday, saying he had no problem seeing Ukraine join the European Union. “Nothing against us, joining or not joining economic unions is their sovereign decision (…) This is their business, the business of the Ukrainian people,” the Kremlin leader announced during the full session of St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

He was responding to a decision by the European Commission to grant Kiev EU candidate status, AFP reported.

“Ukraine will become a semi-colony”

As Russia has been attacking Ukraine since February 24, Vladimir Putin has called for a ceasefire.European union Unlike NATO, it is not a military alliance. ” Moscow has a very dim view of kyiv’s aspirations to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which it considers a threat to its security. However, the Russian president underlined that “as far as their economic integration is concerned, it is their choice.”

However, the Russian president said that Ukraine would “become a semi-colony” in the West if it joined the European Union. “That’s my opinion,” he added.

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