June 1, 2023

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Vladimir Putin’s health, well-preserved exotic material

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Vladimir Putin, isolated from the world, has not given up anything about his personal life, but his health now seems to have betrayed him for years.

Russia – Could this be the Kremlin’s top secret? Whereas War in Ukraine 100 days has passed the index milestone, speculations and rumors about health Vladimir Putin Do not weaken.

Imagination also forced his indestructible diplomatic leader Sergei Lavrov to raise the matter. He confirmed on May 29 during an interview on TF1 on May 29.

However, on the eve of his 70th birthday – on October 7 – the Kremlin leader’s health questions and draws beyond the walls of the Moscow fortress.

“Advanced cancer” according to US intelligence

In January, he could not be present at the traditional Christmas celebration. Next month, everyone remembers The big table to separate him from Emmanuel Macron. In April, his arm in his chair stuck to the table facing his Armed Forces minister, sparking rumors of his deteriorating health.

“Putin slumped back in his chair and grabbed the table. Is he okay, or not? Are you okay?”, He told the CNN reporter on Twitter on April 21.

In the United States, beyond the simple assumptions about his body language that give him the onset of Parkinson’s disease, the question is treated with the utmost seriousness. The U.S. intelligence service says in a statement that Vladimir Putin was diagnosed with “advanced cancer” in April, according to three US intelligence officials. Newsweek Now released.

Referring to a failed assassination attempt in March, the report suggests that Vladimir Putin may be physically weak, and his intense isolation in recent months has hampered an accurate assessment of his health. An anonymous source from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said, “Even though it’s covered in fog, we know there is an iceberg there.”

The secret of Putin’s state of health

If Vladimir Putin’s health had been so well preserved, it would not have come from the war in Ukraine. Especially to cultivate the image of a man Violent And Joke, The Russian leader has not yet resisted the agony of time. According to several components compiled by the Russian site Proekt, A reputable investigative media but has been banned since July 2021 According to the Russian government, the veil around Putin’s health has long been opaque.

Says Proct In an inquiry released on April 1, the president was forced to permanently cover up minor minor physical ailments. His worst film Very dear to him. Everything should be hidden, such as colds and sports injuries. The site is reminiscent of an event, which may seem trivial, but it demonstrates the special attention paid to its image.

At a memorial service in Red Square in November 2012, pictures of Vladimir Putin could not be released for a simple reason. The president was limping. However, there were pictures Published on the website of the Patriots of Moscow. Many government sources have since developed back pain that may require surgery. Despite the cancellation of a series of events in late 2012, Dmitry Peskov immediately denied the information.

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Putin’s “disappearance” over the years has been added to this. A “cold” in the middle of the election campaign in February 2018, This series of trips and events was canceled at the end of 2012 in the Kremlin Or even “self-isolation” from September 13 to 29, 2021 adds mystery around this most important thing in the Kremlin corridors.

The Kremlin’s communications are now well established to cover up this situation, which will not recur after 23 years as president. Especially thanks for using pre-recorded videos that have become commonplace in the Russian state apparatus.

More and more personal doctors

According to the inquest, as he got older, Vladimir Putin found himself in close contact with doctors. Proekt estimates that in 2019 nine experts went permanently with the leader. Of the three physicians most consulted by Putin, surgeon-oncologist Evgeny Selivanov was with his president, especially during the “disappearance” that took place between 8 and 16 August 2017. The consultation is said to have taken place almost 35 times over a four-year period.

Putin’s interest, except for the doctors’ Armada Thyroid cancer Questions in Russia. The President, who met with Ivan Tedo, head of the National Center for Medical Research in Endocrinology in 2020, in particular expressed a particular interest in the matter, to discuss the extent of the disease and the new hormone therapies under study.

Ivan Tedo is also the boss Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria, A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Moscow State University, but a partner in the medical institution Nomego. A Russian company is studying new methods of treating cancer in one of its research projects.

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Since the advent of Covid-19 it has been enough to feed the many fantasies around the leader who at times within the Russian political apparatus sometimes expressed imbalanced health norms, especially cautious – paranoid – behavior.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Pictures of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron in Moscow on February 7 have already drawn the attention of US intelligence to suspicions that the Russian president is ill.

If the Americans are convinced that Vladimir Putin is eating something, there is no mention of the immediate death of the Kremlin leader. However, with “weakened” Vladimir Putin, US intelligence seems less aware of the “mad man’s threat of nuclear war.”

“The weakened Putin has little influence over his advisers and aides, unless he is ordered to use nuclear weapons,” said a senior US intelligence official.

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