May 30, 2023

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War in Ukraine: “200 seconds to touch Paris”, Russian television simulates nuclear attack on several European capitals

106 seconds to reach Berlin, 200 seconds to Paris and 202 seconds to London. Russia’s public television channel Rosia 1 explained to its viewers how long it took for the new Chermon thermonuclear missiles to reach three European capitals from the Kaliningrad region.

Expansion continues on Russian public television. Fears of a third world war continue to be raised thereA threat Nuclear conflict There is more and more spreading.

[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: “World War III and the use of nuclear weapons are inevitable”, new hostile speech on Russian public television

– The Independent (@independent) April 28, 2022

This was made clear this Thursday on the 60-minute program of the most-watched political talk show in Russia. Theoretical time required for the Sarmat missile to reach major European capitals from the Kaliningrad region.

\ ud83c \ uddf7 \ ud83c \ uddfa Russian public television praises Russian missile again #Sarmat. She calculated the time it would take for the nuclear missile to reach European capitals from Kaliningrad:
\ ud83c \ udde9 \ ud83c \ uddea Berlin> 106 seconds
\ ud83c \ uddeb \ ud83c \ uddf7 Paris> 200 seconds
\ ud83c \ uddec \ ud83c \ udde7 London> 202 seconds.

– Visactu (@visactu) April 29, 2022

Questionable missile, long-range thermonuclear weapon, It can reach Berlin from Kaliningrad, Paris in 200 seconds and London in 202 seconds in just 106 seconds.According to the chart published by Rosia 1.

Opportunities that sparked the excitement of the speakers who were on the set of the show. “Look at this picture, count the seconds … Cuckoo, there (Missile) Is here, Said one of them without hesitation. A smarter missile, that’s all, no longer in the British Isles. “

On April 20, the Russian military announced the launch of the first successful test of the 18,000-kilometer new generation weapon, the Sarmat missile. According to the Kremlin, it should be used in the fall. “It’s a truly unique weapon that enhances the military capability of our armed forces, keeps Russia safe from external threats, and makes those who try to threaten our country with wild and aggressive rhetoric think twice. ” Russian President Vladimir Putin said following the test.

[VIDEO] In the midst of the war in Ukraine, Russia is testing the long-range thermonuclear missile RS-28 Sarmat, the latest generation weapon.

– The Independent (@independent) April 21, 2022

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