May 30, 2023

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War in Ukraine: “Either we win or there will be World War III”, threatens a Russian propagandist

A Kremlin propagandist assures state television that Russia will trigger a new world war if its invasion of Ukraine fails.

Margarita SimonyanEditor-in-chief of Russia Today, suggested that The world could enter a new major conflict if Kiev takes back CrimeaJoined Russia in 2014.

in a chain Russian State TelevisionA Russian journalist known for his pro-Kremlin stance said: They (the West and Ukraine) think that Ukraine should take everything. Donbass, Kherson region, Zaporizhzhia and Crimea, the same applies to them. Other options are not suitable for them. World War III is no match for them either.”

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“Either we win or there will be World War III”

Later, Margarita Simonyan takes on a more ominous tone. “Either we will win what we consider our victory, or sooner or later there will be a third world war. I don’t know any other way.” The disturbing comments were reported on Sunday, November 4, on the Twitter account of Julia Davis, the founder of Russia Media Monitor. The combative tone used by the journalist was different from recent weeks. Faced with defeats by its military, Russian state television has raised the possibility of defeat in Ukraine and criticized some military leaders.

Russia annexed four parts of Ukraine Continued a Order Sign it Vladimir Putin On September 30, citizens reportedly voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining the country. DThe results were largely rejected The international community specifically refers to it as a “masquerade”. As Ukrainian forces continue to reclaim territory in the country’s east, none of the Russian-annexed regions, except Crimea, are under full Russian control.

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Margarita Simonyan, head of the RT, lies that Russia basically captured Kyiv in the first week of the war and then gave it back. Simonian explains why he doesn’t believe Russia will attack Kai with nuclear weapons – not because many people will die, but because of the holy sites.

— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) December 4, 2022