April 1, 2023

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War in Ukraine live: Germany to deliver its Panther tanks “late March, early April”.


“I don’t want to fight in Russia”

“I don’t want to fight on Russian soil”, Volodymyr Zelensky also declares. He wants the Russians to “stop the war as soon as possible and leave our country as soon as possible.” I can tell you that if they leave our territory, the war will stop. That’s it. “.


Germany agrees to deliver its tanks within two months

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced that Berlin intends to deliver the Panther tanks it agreed to deliver to Ukraine “at the end of March, beginning of April”.


Ukraine is only the “first step”.

In the same interview, Zelensky once again defends the idea that for Putin Ukraine will be only the “first stage” and that he expects a “big war”.


Zelensky showed no interest in meeting Putin

In a channel interview Heavenly message, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, says he is “not interested in a meeting with Vladimir Putin”. He believes that he is “nobody” and that he lives in “an information bubble”. “It is not clear who makes the decisions in Russia,” says Zelensky. Putin “says one thing and does the opposite”.


Putin’s “Reply” to UNESCO

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has condemned Attacks on Odessa. “This is Putin’s answer to UNESCO’s inscription” of the city’s historic center on the World Heritage List in Danger. The Russian Foreign Ministry yesterday condemned “a political decision” that “a group from the West, with the blatant help of the UNESCO Secretariat, has lost its impartiality”. More info In our article.


Distribution of tanks does not change the status of “special operation”.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov notes that the upcoming delivery of heavy tanks does not indicate a change in the status of a “special military operation.”


Russia condemns “direct involvement” of the West

After the announcement of the delivery of heavy tanks to Ukraine by Western countries, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said a “ Direct involvement In conflict.” He notes “constant announcements from European capitals, from Washington (Editor’s note: US capital), according to which the delivery of various weapons systems, including tanks, to Ukraine does not in any way indicate the involvement of these countries or an alliance in hostilities. We strongly disagree with this. »

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The victims at Q were hit by missile shrapnel

The Kyiv administration reports that the dead and wounded were hit by a “fragment of a missile” in the Holoziv district. The formation hit an anti-aircraft missile, but still caused casualties when its debris fell to the ground.


At least one person died and two others were injured at Q

Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Kew, said: “A rocket hit a non-residential building in the Holozive district. One person has been reported killed and two others injured.


Two power plants were affected in Odessa


Explosions in Dnipro district of Kiev

Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Que, reported the explosions in the Dnipro district.


More than 15 cruise missiles were shot down over Kiev

Kyiv city administration said, “The enemy launched more than 15 cruise missiles towards Kyiv. They were all shot.” ​​But he insists that a wind alert is in effect and we must stay in shelters.


At least one explosion in Kiev

Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Kew, said: telegram, an explosion in the city. He asks to “stay in the residences.” Witnesses reported two explosions. As prompted At 8:05 am With this direct, it is too early to determine whether it is about the missiles that hit their target or the anti-aircraft defenses that went into action.


Manuel Bombard (LFI) wants the National Assembly to decide

declared Manuel Bombard, convenor of La France Insumais and deputy of the Bouch-du-Rhône. franceinfo, about sending heavy tanks, “we cannot do it without a debate in the national assembly”. “I don’t think sending was the right decision,” he adds. And, as for Germany’s decision to grant it, he says, “It is not for him to comment on the policy of other states.”


“More than 30 missiles” Russian

The Ukrainian Air Force says the country has been targeted by “more than thirty missiles” from Russia.


24 drones were shot down

Ukrainian military claims to have shot down “24 Shahed drones” of Iranian manufacture over territory.



Lviv is a warning

The city and region of Lviv is among the many regions targeted by Russian missiles today. The mayor of the area warns that missiles are headed its way. The Lviv region, bordering western Ukraine and Poland, has been spared from fighting and bombing since the start of the war, compared to other territories further east.


Especially targeting Vinnytsia

The city of Vinnytsia and the region of the same name, southwest of Kiev, are particularly targeted by the bombers. Anti-aircraft defenses try to minimize impacts as much as possible.


Explosions in many areas

Witnesses from various regions reported outbreaks in several cities across the country. In this case, it could be a missile that hits the target or an air defense kick.


The first missiles were shot down

Andrii Yermak, head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, announced that the first Russian missiles had been shot down. On that day telegramHe is asking to respect the shelter-in-place advisory due to the generalized wind warning.


15 drones were shot down

Kyiv military administration announced that 15 drones were shot down overnight.


Training in Belarus

In its daily update, the British Foreign Office explains that Russia has ended the training of one of its units in Belarus. He returned to Russia before “certainly being redeployed to Ukraine.” British intelligence believed that this type of plan (rest and training in Belarus before returning to the front) was called “continuation”.


Russians in a new city

The Russian agency reported that the Russian army had entered the town of Wohlader RIA. The city is located in the Donetsk region. From now on the goal will be to take this space in pincers to fully occupy it.


Nationwide air alert

An air alert is currently in place across Ukraine.


European country seeks to send cluster bombs to Ukraine

A European country has offered to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. An official in that country, who did not want to be identified by name or place of origin, said his government had approved the delivery and was seeking approval from Germany, which is involved in the production. Cluster bombs consist of containers containing small explosive projectiles. More precisely, they attack a large proportion of the public. Their use and transfer is prohibited by the 2008 Oslo Convention (Norway). But Russia did not sign and use these weapons in Ukraine. According to the European official, “collateral damage is no longer so important (than before) ; They are manageable.” “The Russians used all kinds of weapons 100 times worse. »

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Djokovic’s father took a picture with pro-Russian supporters

Serbian Novak Djokovic’s father waved pro-Russian flags and posed with fans yesterday during the Australian Open tennis tournament. At the end of his son’s quarter-final win against Russian Rublev, a crowd of supporters carried Russian flags, including one emblazoned with the face of President Vladimir Putin. A video later posted on an Australian pro-Russian YouTube channel showed the player’s father, Srdjan Djokovic, posing with a man waving a flag with Putin’s face on it. Serbian sports journalists confirmed that it was him. He began, in Serbian, “Long live Russia.” More info In our article.


Extended warning

The air alert has been extended to the western part of the country, particularly covering the Kyiv region.



Wind Warning for East and South

Eastern and southern parts of Ukraine are on air alert.


Two Colombian volunteers were killed in action

Two Colombians, who were conscripted into the Ukrainian army, died in Ukraine on January 18 fighting against the Russian army, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday. These “two Colombian citizens have been in Ukraine since December and belong to the 49th infantry battalion of the Ukrainian army”.


Zelensky needs missiles and fighter jets

After welcoming the deployment of Western tanks, the Ukrainian president also called for long-range missiles and fighter jets. “We also need to allow Ukraine to supply long-range missiles, which is important. We need to expand our cooperation on artillery. (to make possible) Sending warplanes,” the Ukrainian president stressed in his daily address on social media.


Western tanks for kyiv

Yesterday, the United States announced the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Germany, Finland, Poland, Netherlands and Spain have also announced the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks.