April 1, 2023

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War in Ukraine: Putin strongly opposed by his inner circle over what “Kremlin mole” tells US secret services.

According to the Washington Post, US intelligence would benefit from first-hand information from a high-level mole in the Kremlin.

Who calls the war, says the spy. And the Ukraine conflict is no exception. newspaper The Washington Post As LCI points out, a high-level mole in the Kremlin revealed that it would inform the US secret services.

“In America,” notes the American newspaper.Information for decision making. Private exchanges made available to US President Joe Biden on his desk were accurately transcribed.

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This mysterious ‘Russian mole’ is said to have been blamed on Vladimir Putin by a member of the Kremlin leader’s inner circle. “Mismanagement of the War Effort”. He also reported “Especially heated debates and disagreements”.

“This is a clear sign of unrest within the Russian leadership.” Indicates the record.

Putin’s loyalty is being cut

Yet according to the same source, “The loyalty enjoyed by Putin is eroding”Putin and his relatives “Recent Russian losses will be tested by misdirection and military shortcomings”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a mole in the Kremlin since the conflict in Ukraine began. Last April, several media outlets claimed that Vladimir Putin was looking for a mole within his services.

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In fact, in many cases, The US has proven that they have full information situation, especially when they indicated that they had information that orders had been sent to the Russian command to continue the invasion of Ukraine.