June 2, 2023

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War in Ukraine. Russia loses ground, Chevrolet Donetsk hospital target புது Update overnight

Finland and Sweden are approaching to join NATO. The Russian armed forces, feared by Moscow, are gradually losing ground And Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian military and British intelligence services, Russia has suffered significant material and human casualties since the beginning of the war, and has been forced to frequently downplay its intentions.

For its part, the Ukrainian military is still conducting counter-attacks in the Kharkiv region.

We take into account the events of the last few hours.

Bomb hospital in Chevroletonetsk

The head of the military administration of the Luhansk region in the east of the country, Serb Haidoi in Donbass, said on his telegram channel that a hospital in the city of Severdonetsk was targeted on Sunday, May 2022. American media CNN.

Nine civilians were reportedly injured at the hospital, which continued to function amid successive bombings. According to Sergei Haitian, on Sunday, the Russian armed forces carried out “11 artillery attacks on Severodonetsk.” In addition to the hospital, homes, a chemical plant and a school were reportedly targeted.

A Ukrainian battalion reaches the Russian border

The Kharkiv region has seen several days of Ukrainian counter-insurgency and a gradual recovery of positions occupied by Russian armed forces so far.

At night, several videos were aired on social networks and confirmed by local media, claiming that a battalion had managed to reach the Russian border in the northeast of Kharkiv, gradually pushing the Russians back.

The Russian military is in trouble around Luhansk

At Donbass, the U.S. Armed Forces reports that Russian armed forces are being forced to reconsider their intentions. According to the latest report released on Sunday evening, And the New York Times reported that Russia would have abandoned its goal of encircling tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops from the north of the ISIS to the south of Donetsk in order to focus on capturing the Luhansk region. They have to achieve more than they first expected.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, In the broadcast of its daily update on social networks and the Ukrainian government website, He also clarified that he expects “Russia’s new efforts to launch an attack on Donbass, to intensify its operations in southern Ukraine.”

Large losses have been confirmed on the Russian side

According to the same report, there is a shortage of reserve troops to send to the Russian Armed Forces. According to the American Institute for War Studies (IWS) this will force Moscow to send more troops from militias or private military organizations.

British intelligence said on Sunday that Russia had “lost about a third of its ground forces in February,” while the Ukrainian Defense Ministry put the loss at 27,400 troops, 200 aircraft, 1,220 tanks and 164. Helicopters from February 24.

War in Ukraine. Russia loses ground, Chevrolet Donetsk hospital target புது Update overnight