June 3, 2023

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War in Ukraine. Russian spy plane crosses Swedish airspace

A Russian spy plane briefly crossed the air Sweden, The Scandinavian nation announced its staff on Saturday Consider potential NATO members after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“A Russian AN-30 propeller crashed into Swedish airspace on Friday evening.” Swedish Defense wrote in a press release that its crews followed the whole incident and photographed it.

“Totally unacceptable”

“The plane flew east of Bournemouth (Danish island in the Baltic region) and then into Swedish territory.” Said in a brief statement.

Sweden’s defense minister has condemned the incursion. “It simply came to our notice then […] This action is unprofessional and inappropriate given the general safety environment. Swedish sovereignty must always be respected. Peter Hultqvist wrote on the public television SVT.

“We will definitely oppose in diplomatic ways.” He added.

Swedes in support of NATO members

Already in early March, four Russian warplanes briefly overtook Swedish airspace east of the island of Cotland in the Baltic Sea.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a change of heart in Sweden over its non – alignment with a possible NATO candidate.

According to a study released by the Novus Institute on Saturday, 54% of Swedes now support NATO membership.

Finnish airspace was also overrun

The ruling Social Democrats in the Scandinavian country are expected to reach a decision on NATO’s possible candidacy by May 24.

In Finland, its officials are also considering joining NATO. A Russian government aircraft, IL-96-300, crossed Finnish airspace three minutes earlier in early April.

War in Ukraine. Russian spy plane crosses Swedish airspace

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