May 30, 2023

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Washington calls on Putin to ‘recognise the truth’ after talking about ‘war’ in Ukraine

On Friday, December 23, the United States jokingly called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces after using the word “” to acknowledge the reality of the conflict in Ukraine.Guerre“, during a press conference, was banned in Russia.

Russian intervention in Ukraine on February 24 is officially called “Special Military Operations” In Russia. Russian authorities have introduced a law that makes it punishable by severe prison terms for publishing any information deemed to be Russian military.FakeMany more were convicted, especially after publicly describing the conflict as “Guerre».

However, during a press conference on Thursday, Vladimir Putin used the term, promising to end the conflict in Ukraine.previous» Possible. «Since February 24, the United States and the rest of the world have known that the “special military operation” was an unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine.“, the US State Department spokesperson assured.

“After 300 Days, Putin Calls War by Its Name”

«Finally, after 300 days, Putin called the war by name“, he added. “As the next step in recognizing reality, we urge him to end this war by withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.». «Russia’s aggression against the sovereignty of neighboring countries has caused death, destruction and displacementWhatever words Vladimir Putin used, the State Department continued.

A Russian municipal deputy, Nikita Iouferev, announced Thursday evening that he had filed a complaint against President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of spreading.fake news“By using the word”GuerreTo describe Russian action in Ukraine. This claim is unlikely to succeed, especially since the local elected official’s speech contains numerous factual errors, such as the date of Vladimir Putin’s speech or the name of the president.

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