May 30, 2023

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“We are in competition against time”: The contagion of the Omigron variant continues in Europe

Facing the Omicron variation, Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission, acknowledged this Sunday that “we now know that we are in a race against time.” “It will take scientists and manufacturers two to three weeks to get a complete picture of the characteristics of the mutations in this Omigron variant,” he added. “We need to buy time,” she continued. Invites people to get vaccinated, Wear the mask and respect the required distance. Meanwhile, Omicron is spreading across the continent.

This new variant has been discovered 13 passengers from two flights from South Africa The man, who landed in Amsterdam on Friday, announced on Sunday Netherlands. A total of 61 passengers tested positive for Covit-19 on Friday, according to the Dutch Health Commission, which examined the results of a search for a new variant that recently appeared in South Africa. “The Omicron variant has so far been identified in 13 positive trials. But the investigation is not over yet. The new variant can be found in other models, ”the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM) said in a statement.

These passengers From Johannesburg and Cape Town There were positive tests on landing in Amsterdam, and 531 people tested negative. Positive cases are isolated at a hotel near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. “We urge people coming from this area to get tested as soon as possible,” Health Minister Hugo de Jong told a news conference. “I can’t imagine there are more cases in the Netherlands,” he continued. “We are worried, but we still do not know how long we should be,” the minister reiterated. “Who said that That’s a worrying variant, But will only show it for the next few weeks. “

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A new case in Germany

In addition, a new case was discovered Germany At Frankfurt Airport, at the home of a traveler from South Africa. “The results of the complete sequence (genetics) confirmed the suspicion that a person who arrived in Frankfurt Airport from South Africa to Germany on November 21 was suffering from the Omigran variant,” the Ministry of Regional Social Affairs announced. Hessie, Frankfurt Region, in a statement.

The man “was fully vaccinated and developed symptoms within a week, and a test for the virus was performed for this reason,” he added, adding that he was isolated at his home. In all, it creates three cases of the new variant discovered in Germany after two first cases were confirmed on Saturday by Bavarian regional authorities, again among passengers arriving at Munich Airport (south) from South Africa.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned on Friday that the new variant of the corona virus, first detected in South Africa, represents the “highest to highest” risk to Europe, Omigran.

Seven European countries have identified this difference, with its “potential” presence in France

Europe said Many proven cases From Friday. The Belgium Opened the ball and declared thus The first case on the old continent. Followed L‘Italy And this Czech Republic, Saturday, each of these countries will identify a case of pollution. The UK Announced two cases andGermany, Three.

Across the channel, these pollutants are linked to travel to South Africa. Health officials said one of them was found in Nottingham and the other in Chelmsford. The announcement took effect immediately on Tuesday and was aimed at preventing the spread of the variance. Henceforth, any traveler must comply Mandatory PCR test upon arrival in the area, Combined with isolation while waiting for results. Also, re-masking is mandatory in shops and on public transport.

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Video. Omigron variant: mandatory PCR testing and isolation until the results enter the UK

Swiss health officials announced Sunday that they have discovered the “first possible case” of an omigran variant of the corona virus. Choice On someone returning from South Africa. “Deployment will provide confirmation in the coming days,” the federal health office said in a tweet.

A France ? Considering the situation with our neighbors, Oliver Vern judges The Omigron variant is “already in circulation among us” which means “possible”. “We fear this new variant will be at least as contagious as Delta,” he assessed during a visit to the vaccination center in Paris this Sunday, although the social scientist is not yet sure of everything. “All researchers are working hard to see if this variation presents elements of concern to us. If in doubt, we act as if this variant is dangerous,” the health minister said.

Nowhere else in the world,Australia Announced two positive cases this Saturday. Also identified in Omicron Malawi, On Israel On a person from Malawi, Botswana And Hong Kong. The Canada Announced its first two cases on Sunday evening.

Many countries have closed their borders to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Ezra (Swaziland) and Zimbabwe in hopes of preventing the spread of Omigran. France is one of them, and announced this Sunday that it was extending the move to midnight on Tuesday. Israel declared serious, now territory All foreign travelers were banned.

There are boundary closures for this layer Described as “punishment” in South Africa. “These recent travel bans should punish South Africa for its advanced genetic sequence and ability to quickly detect new variants. Scientific excellence should be appreciated and not punished,” the government said in a statement on Saturday.

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