May 30, 2023

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“We will fight to the end,” says President Volodymyr Zelensky

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09h57 : “We will fight (for our army) till the end.”

From Kew, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke for Independence Day today, six months after the conflict with Russia began. The President of Ukraine has promised that no “No concessions or compromises” with Moscow.

09h50 : Hi, absolutely. For this Ukrainian national holiday, events have been organized in several cities in France, such as Dijon or Perpignan, where a white parade will take place today at 11 a.m. before a performance by the Molodist dance group and folk vocal studio Cervona Ruta. 3 p.m., daily mentions The Independent.

09h49 : Hello franceinfo! Are there plans to hold demonstrations in France today to celebrate Ukraine’s independence? Thanks

09h27 : On February 24, the greatest military and humanitarian crisis the European continent has experienced since World War II. Six months later, where are we? The military situation on the ground, possible dialogue and negotiations, economic effects on countries at war and the rest of the world… Franceinfo summarizes the situation in Ukraine and its consequences.

(Anatoly Stepanov/AFP)

08h57 : So the mass repatriation of Ukrainians has not yet taken place. Always, six months after the start of the war, more people are leaving Ukraine than entering it. This difference averaged 15,000 over the past few weeks.

08h55 : Apart from the specific case of Russia, Poland is the main host country with more than 1.2 million displaced Ukrainians. Germany has less than a million refugees and the Czech Republic about 400,000. Yet according to UNHCR, around 96,000 people have arrived in France.

(Ellen Lawson/Franceinfo)

08h52 : The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has listed more than six million displaced Ukrainians across Europe as of August 16. More than one in seven people left Ukraine. Six months after the start of the war, franceinfo examines the situation of Ukrainian refugees.

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08:16 : Elena has been back in Kyiv since June. He was very active in helping other refugees when he visited Paris in April and May and continues his work there. “It is cruel to live in a country at war, but I am at home, I can help, I am not afraid of war, because we can only win without fear”She explained to me In this article.

08h14 : “Ukrainians say Ukraine is our soul. You can’t live without its soul. That’s why I left.”

Daria Pesonova left Ukraine in February. Witnessing the atrocities of the war, she decided to return there because she wanted to find her husband and son.

08h26 : Nearly 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in France since the Russian invasion began. However, within six months, some returned to their country. To better understand the reasons for this return, I spoke with three refugees, Darya, Elena and YanaPassed through France or Germany.


07h38 : In its current version, Western France Come back to these “The Six Months War That Changed the World” In matters of international relations, food or energy. Also newspaper on this topic Comment Today the focus is on nuclear energy “hostage” By, in particular, tensions around the Zaporijjia power station (Ukraine).

(West France / Comment)

07h38 : The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began six months ago, is logically on the front page of many daily newspapers today. Le Figaro And telegram Two point “diminished risk” In this battle, each side has fixed positions.


07h23 : In this article, we also tell you the stories of Tany Cheprasova, a Ukrainian artist who took refuge in Paris, and Bassem, a 21-year-old Tunisian student who was studying in Odessa (Ukraine) before the Russian offensive began. We also met Elena Yarovenko and her son Bogdan from Mariupol and Kherson. “Where is my house, where is my house today?”Elena asks.

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(Franceinfo / Pierre Morel)

07h19 : “We understand that living with us refugees is difficult. Finally, we were asked to leave.”

Leaving Q on March 17, Olga Vasilchenko spoke of her reception in the Toulouse area (Haut-Caron). “In the beginning, everything was fine in this new family, but over time, the situation deteriorated. (…) I know at least ten Ukrainian women who told me about a similar experience”, she testifies. Olga finds new accommodation, but it’s a two-hour drive from her son’s college.

(Franceinfo / Pierre Morel)

07h19 : In this article, Sofi Zakrasniana, 16, tells you how the conflict disrupted her studies and her preparation for the Ukrainian baccalaureate. His mother, Oleksandra Sakrasniana, reveals her father’s death in her home village on the third day of the war. Russian soldiers “He shot and killed in public”she says. “I wonder why?” I realize that my father is dead but cannot bury him, which prevents me from grieving.”

(Franceinfo / Pierre Morel)

07h12 : He and they are called Bassem, Olga, Elena, Oleksandra, Sofi and Tany. Six months after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, these refugees arriving in France have common stories of heartbreak and mourning for their former lives. We collected their testimoniesWith my colleagues Fabien Jannic-Cherbonnel and Raphaël Godet, with our fellow photographer Pierre Morel.

(Pierre Morel/Jeremy Luciani/Franceinfo)

6:30 am : Early Wednesday morning, explosions were heard in several cities such as Kharkiv (in the country’s northeast), Zaporizhia and Dnipro (in the country’s center).

06h26 : “The worst is behind us. We are in the process of stabilizing the entire battlefield.”

In an interview CNN (in English)Ukraine’s defense minister believes his country now needs an address “New Phase” The conflict started six months ago. “We are in the stabilization phase of the entire battlefield. We must advance to launch our counterattackHe presses on.

07h12 : Today, six months since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and thirty-one years since the country left the Soviet Union, coincides with Kyiv’s Independence Day. So the national holiday takes place in great tension: “Tomorrow we must be vigilant [ce mercredi], Despicable Russian provocations and brutal strikes are possible”Volodymyr Zelensky warned last night.

(Dimitar Tilkoff/AFP)

07h15 : Let’s take a look at this morning’s top headlines:

Six months after the start of the Russian invasion, Ukraine believes through the voice of its defense minister “The worst case scenario is behind us [eux]“.

#Ukraine In L’ExpressPresident of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He vows to recapture territories occupied by Russia, particularly the self-proclaimed republics of eastern Ukraine.

The government is back to business this morning with a ministerial meeting held at the Elysée Many projects of this hot comeback will be addressed.

#FRESNES says Eric Dupont-Moretti, Minister of Justice This is “Never Reported” About the “Colanes” system In Fresnes prison (Val-de-Marne).