June 1, 2023

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Weekend Weather: A stormy episode is marked for the Southeast

Between a British anticyclone moving towards central Europe and an Atlantic depression that remains largely stationary in the Bay of Biscay, we will have heavy and stormy weather for most of the region. In this context, Saturday promises to be milder with the risk of heavy stormy rain and a Mediterranean episode in the southeast.

Credit: Weather Channel

A weekend watch due to thunderstorms

Saturday, the weather will be threatening in almost the entire country, but especially in the eastern and southeastern half of our country, a weather warning has been placed. In the afternoon, the threat of thunderstorms will worry all areas of the sky. at In the southeast and the Rhône Valley, the risk of thunderstorms is expected to be highest in the Cévennes. In the west, the gaps above the Atlantic arc are very beautiful, and with high temperatures, the feeling is often pleasant.

Sunday, conditions will be favorable with less stormy and sunny weather. However, thunderstorms may still linger in the southeast, slowly drifting towards Italy. It’s always hot in our country, and the temperature is close to 30 degree Celsius plus. However, there will be a fresh chance of thunderstorms this afternoon in the northwest.

Heavy, tropical atmosphere

Throughout the weekend, the heat will remain, and the feeling will be humid. The minimum temperature ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius from north to south and the maximum temperature ranges from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius. It will still be 4 to 6 degrees Celsius above average for the season.