February 6, 2023

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What do we know about the general strike that begins this Monday

Tensions are rising in the Caribbean islands. Then Guadeloupe, An indefinite strike begins in Martinique on Monday, November 22, where reinforcements landed from France on Sunday to break the siege and end the unrest. Title of Claims: According to the latest figures from the Regional Agency for Health, 39.4% of the population has a health pass and immunization obligation for members of health workers in a field with a complete immunization schedule. ARS), Released November 16th. Despite an initial mediation with the government earlier this month, the unions filed a strike notice on Monday, November 15. Francispo examines the situation.

Against the health pass and against the vaccination duty of caregivers

The union, which signed the strike notice filed on November 15, was formed by twenty organizations from all sectors, including health, education, transport, fishermen and the arts.

One of the union’s first demands was the removal of the immunization obligation for those working in medical-community institutions (such as hospitals and nursing homes), which was to take effect on November 14. It calls for non-vaccinated caregivers not to be punished and for denying measures taken by the government (termination of the caretaker’s employment contract and termination of his salary) across the national area. Inter-Union also wants to remove the Health Pass in Martinique Reminiscent of the daily France-Antilles.

Requests include recruiting and strengthening equipment at health facilities Aligning the status of national health “health” employees with their academic colleagues. II have to stop “Change ESchools in vaccinations “ And end “Vaccination campaign in schools “.

Against the loving life

The list of thirteen demands put forward by the unions also calls on the government to address the increase in fuel and gas prices. They also demand an increase in wages, a social minimum and an end to the development of hazardous work. The Nursing Convergence Union also states, In a press release dated November 12, That Fees [des infirmières et des infirmiers libéraux] Has been barred for twelve years [leurs] The burden will continue to grow. “ The unions also want a debate to be opened on taxi drivers and artists affected by the economic crisis.

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In the vote on the 2022 foreign budget, Minister Sebastien Legorn, Has clearly recognized the economic vitality of the West Indies It is plagued by certain monopolies and outdated business practices, which contribute to the high cost of living.

Free blood tests for chlorhexidine levels

Deciderota is associated with full coverage of chlorhexidine tests, It measures the concentration of chlorhexidine in the blood. Chlordecone was a pesticide widely used in banana plantations between 1972 and 1993. It is suspected that it can cause many diseases such as prostate cancer. According to Dominic Theophilus, a test costs 140 euros, LREM senator from Guadeloupe.

In December 2020, A.R.S. Set up a free screening to see if there is chlorhexidine in the blood. In March, the company noted that the tests would initially be planned for families participating in the “allocation” program, and then for couples who want to have children, pregnant women and their unborn child. As a last resort, screenings should be open to all Martinique families.

At the site, obstacles and disturbances are expected

On Monday at 8am (i.e. 1pm in France) Intercindigale held a meeting with protesters in front of the unions’ house in Ford-de-France. But it is unclear what action can be taken. “There is no molocoi operation [opération de ralentissement] Scheduled, Confirms Bertrand Campusi, general secretary of CSTM and a member of Intercindical. 1st Martinique questioned. “There will be strong measures, but it should not punish people too much“, He believes.

On social networks, as in Guadeloupe, many news items trigger roadblocks. This is why a section of the population rushed to the hypermarkets and gas stations on Friday to stockpile. On Saturday morning, motorists lined up near the gas pipes, but over the weekend the situation became more fluid. Disruptions are also expected in schools, nurseries and municipal services, warning the mayors of Lorraine, Dugos, Lamentin and Ford-de-France, the largest cities in Martinique.

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Other corporations have already announced that they will follow suit, such as Sarah (Société anonymous de la raffinerie des Antilles) or the Ducos prison center where some agents may strike.

The government’s first responses did not satisfy the unions

The union met with the government on November 3 through national mediator Danièle Toupillier, but failed to reach an agreement.

However, Health Minister Olivier Véran and Foreign Minister Sébastien Lecornu were retained. “Two Rules” In order “Take into account the state of health [de la Martinique] : Public free trial will continue until December 31, 2021; Health workers will be required to have a vaccination duty (complete vaccination schedule) by the same deadline of December 31, 2021. The government said in a statement. This date corresponds to the end of a health emergency in this foreign region (both sectoral and regional).

At this time, no meeting with the Martinique government is planned. Unlike Guadeloupe, talks are set to begin on Monday night with Prime Minister Jean Costex, Foreign Secretary Sebastien Lekorn and Health Minister Oliver Vernon, as well as elected officials from the isle. In order to allow them “To present their analysis of the situation on the spot”.