May 30, 2023

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What to remember from January 7

An adviser to the Ukrainian president has said Russia’s truce for Orthodox Christmas is “fake”. For its part, Moscow accuses Ukraine of continuing to fire.

Clashes between Russians and Ukrainians continue, even though Saturday, January 7, is Orthodox Christmas, a majority confession in Russia, as in Ukraine. Accusations flew on both sides this day. Francinfo looks back at key events.

Russia promises ceasefire until midnight, Ukraine calls it ‘fake’

On Saturday, like the previous day, the Russian army confirmed its intention to observe the ceasefire until midnight on Saturday (21:00 GMT). He condemned the continued Ukrainian artillery attacks or attacks on his positions, which forced him to retaliate.

Ukraine, for its part, questioned the sincerity of the Russian ceasefire, saying it was a ploy to buy time. Washington, Paris, London, Berlin and the European Union condemned the move. Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, again rejected the Russian ceasefire on Saturday, describing it as “fake”. “Russia occupied and killed angry Ukrainians for 11 months ‘But why do you object?’. Russia unilaterally declares true-false ‘truce’ on entire front, but continues to whine ‘Why doesn’t Ukraine support our bogus plan?‘”He wrote in English on Twitter.

In Chasiv Yar, eastern Ukraine, journalists noted that bombings continued throughout Saturday morning. And in Bakhmout, the heart of the fighting in the north, hours after Russia imposed a unilateral ceasefire, AFP heard artillery fire from both sides of the front. However, these scenes are less intense than the previous days.

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Vladimir Putin attended a religious service alone in the Kremlin chapel

The Russian president departed from his habit of attending religious services in public places, in the provinces or in Moscow’s suburbs: he attended a religious service alone at a church in the Kremlin at midnight on Friday.

In a message released by the Kremlin on Saturday, he sent his greetings to Orthodox Christians. Church organizations “Support our players” The Russian president said who is fighting in Ukraine. Patriarch Kirill called on the faithful to support him “Brothers” Pro-Russian during the Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine. Since the offensive in Ukraine began on February 24, he has delivered sermons in which he gave his blessing to Russian troops while chastising Ukrainian officials.

Historical liturgy in Kiev

In Ukraine, hundreds of pilgrims attended a historic service at the famous Caves Lavra monastery in Kew on Saturday. It was previously under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, but in December it passed into the bosom of the Independent Ukrainian Church.

Metropolitan Epiphany, head of the church that broke with the Moscow Patriarchate, headed the office for the first time. “We have been waiting for this temple to be handed over to us for a long time. This is a real historical event, which all Ukrainians are waiting for”Veronika Martyniouk, 19, who directs the choir, told AFP. “Every country has its church, we have our own church – this is very good, Ukrainian church, as it should be”Oksana Sopko, 47, is a believer.