June 1, 2023

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What to remember from Wednesday, June 1st

On Wednesday, June 1, Ukrainian forces appeared to be on the verge of advancing the Russian army, losing the strategic city of Chevrolet Donetsk in Donbass. However, the conflict may still last “Many months”, According to Washington. For its part, Moscow is trying to overcome the impact of sanctions. Here is what to remember that day.

Russia’s gas exports are falling and Moscow is regulating itself in the face of sanctions

The Russian gas exports The Russian company Gazprom reported in a telegram on Wednesday that it had fallen by 27.6% between January and May 2022 compared to the same period of 2021. These figures do not take into account the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, including the eleven countries of the former Soviet Union. The group did not elaborate on the reasons for the fall.

For its part, Moscow says it is taking action “Reduce” Impact of the embargo on its oil determined by the European Union. “There is a restructuring [de l’économie russe] This will allow them to minimize the negative consequences. “, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president, told reporters without further details. These words respond Russian oil ban The European Union decided on Tuesday.

Moreover, as economic pressure on the country increased, a possible Russian default re-emerged. As Western sanctions tighten, Moscow is finding it harder to pay off its debts.

Kremlin Said to ignore the circumstances of the death of the French journalist

The Kremlin said there were no details on the circumstances surrounding the death of Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff in Ukraine during a bombing by Russian forces on Monday. “To make decisions, you need detailed information about where this happened, under what circumstances, what is true and what is not. We do not have such information.”A spokesman for the Russian president said before referring to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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U.S. diplomacy says the war will last “many more months.”

Ukrainian forces on Wednesday appeared to be on the verge of losing the strategic city of Donetsk to the Russian military’s advance on the Chevrolet Donetsk. War “Tomorrow may be the end if Russia stops its occupation”Most “At this point we do not see any signs in that direction”, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen told a news conference Wednesday. The conflict may continue “Many months”According to him.

Also, ThePresented by Ukraine “Commitments” To guarantee that Washington will not use the new missile systems it has promised to target targets in Russia, the head of US diplomacy said. The day before, US President Joe Biden had issued a proclamation for the United States “The provision of advanced missile systems and ammunition to the Ukrainians will allow them to more accurately attack key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine.”.