February 9, 2023

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Without messenger RNA, Elysee announces that foreign territories will prefer to receive the novovax vaccine

“Novavox can provide answers in areas where the vaccine has progressed more slowly than elsewhere,” the president promised Thursday.

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Response to vaccine resistance affecting certain sectors. President Emmanuel Macron announced Foreign territories The Elysee Palace announced on Thursday, January 27, that the novovax vaccine would be preferred without messenger RNA. Emmanuel Macron wanted to meet with selected officials from foreign departments and communities via video conference on Thursday afternoon, currently in a state of health emergency, in the presence of Foreign Minister Sebastien Legorn and the Department of Health. , Olivier Veron. “The President wanted to assure elected officials that overseas delivery of the Novavox vaccine, which does not contain messenger RNA, would be preferred overseas., Elysee promised.

The “Vaccine was able to clarify things in the pass”, Added Elysée. “If Reunion and Mayotte enter the vaccination pass program from January 24, a consultation will take place in France, the Antilles and Guyana. This is our practical approach to adaptation diversity, which will be implemented in the coming days., According to Elysee.

While health workers abroad are already reinforcements, so is Emmanuel Macron “Assurance to elected officials that the evolution of the situation will lead to new reinforcements”, According to the same source.

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