May 30, 2023

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“Young people come back to the forefront with strong demands”

DTwenty-three years after the Tiananmen Square crackdown, we are once again witnessing protests in the streets of Beijing and other major cities. Indeed, in recent decades China has not been completely free of popular protests, especially against poor wages, illegal confiscation of private property and land, unfair legal rulings… and they have stopped these “glorious thirty” in Chinese. They are above all sociologically of the type of social, non-political protests, often local, specific and limited in scale. Except for rare acts of bravery by isolated dissidents, when they are quickly suppressed by the authorities, there is no politics in the public space.

This trend towards depoliticization was the result of a bloody crackdown by the authorities in 1989. But that can only be achieved by improving the living conditions of the Chinese, at least for some of them. , stemming from rapid economic growth. Power has replaced economics with politics, and the citizen is nothing more than a consumer. He buys peace from society by assuring the society of a certain prosperity and structured freedom, a well-established tacit agreement.

However, this agreement is weak because it lacks legitimacy at the political level, which is a guarantee of justice and harmonious social life. The tension continues as authority and society know. “Carrots and [du] Stick ” – Renmin Gondi Renminbi Jeju (People’s problems are solved by money. Renminbi “people’s” Chinese currency) and Firenmin Gondi Juancheng Jeju (“The problem of the people who don’t belong is solved by dictatorship”) – skillfully and cynically practiced by the authorities, without any concern.

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This empire disguised itself as a nation

Meanwhile, power sinks with characteristic arrogance into widespread corruption, which has often in world history dragged society into moral erosion. As a result common sense, justice, PhiliaAristotelian term for affection and enthusiasm for others.

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But now in this great country, this empire masquerading as a nation, there is a sudden resurgence of protests. The phenomenon affects dozens of cities and hundreds of universities. Hence, governance in this country continues to stink Yancey Gaming (Color Revolutions) and “conspiracy” In this regard, holding a blank but meaningful white paper in the hand of a Westerner means “we are nothing without rights, without freedom or dignity”, a symbol of anger and frustration in the streets and campuses.

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