The Dalai Lama, murder, confessions, and copyrights: The best entertainment stories this week

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In the realm of entertainment, there are just too many stories for fans of the industry to keep up. With the era of social media gaining traction with each passing day, it’s easy to peruse through the feeds to read enough headlines to keep up.  Here’s a look into the best news that was reported this… Read More

In Brightest Day: Casting the “Green Lantern” Solo Movie

In Brightest Day: Casting the “Green Lantern” Solo Movie

Look, we can all agree that 2011’s “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds did not do the Emerald Knight any favors. A mess in terms of everything from tone and script, to direction, the film meant to start a DC cinematic universe flopped, leaving it up to “Man of Steel” to pick up the scraps two… Read More

Terminated: “Terminator: Genisys” Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his role as the Terminator

Despite its reputation as a landmark franchise in both the action and sci-fi genres, the “Terminator” franchise has never really managed to fill the enormous shoes of the first two films. “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003) and “Terminator: Salvation” (2009) both proved unsuccessful with fans, and put the franchise on ice until now.… Read More

Latest matchmaking app, Tindog, caters to puppy love


The internet has become the ultimate modern day matchmaker, but a new app’s “puppy love” approach to making love connections is changing things up in the world of online dating.   Tindog is an app for dog owners to create profiles of their trusty companions, and then use those profiles to find compatible dogs in… Read More

New collaborations on hold as Adele shortens studio meetings with Pharrell


Celebrity collaborations are much appreciated within the music community. Which is why when word leaks about secret studio meetings, the media covers the story diligently.  Recently, stories of Pharrell Williams and Adele meeting together generated a ton of excitement among fans of both artists.  Unfortunately, Pharrell was unable to spend time with the “Chasing Pavements”… Read More

The importance of context: Apple removes U.S. Civil War games

Display photo reading "Civil War 1863"

Recently, companies have made a public relations move to drop their products that represent the Confederate flag in response to the Charleston shooting earlier this month, even if the merchandise isn’t siding with the Confederacy.   On Thursday, Apple discontinued games from their app store that depicted the Confederate flag. Many of the games that… Read More