The Santa Barbara oil spill: Just how bad is it?

Two boys struggle against oil slicked shores to reach a duck covered in crude oil

Many Californians feel an immense kinship with the Pacific Ocean. From agriculture, to summer recreation, to providing desalinated water in an attempt alleviate the drought, California’s connection and dependence on the ocean is undeniable. For this reason, we must take threats to the Pacific — such as the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara — seriously.… Read More

Why you should be super excited about “Supergirl”


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Warner Bros. building upon the successes of “Arrow” and “The Flash.” Along with executive producer Greg Berlanti, the WB has begun to colonize space on CBS for their superhero universe with the upcoming “Supergirl.”   Starring Melissa Benoist — a transplant to the DC universe from “Glee,” much… Read More

3 things PR professionals can learn from #BlackLivesMatter

People holding up signs at a candle light vigil for Michael Brown

It has been three years since the murder of Trayvon Martin led to the creation of the #BlackLivesMatter movement; today, the movement is still going strong.   After George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Martin, #BlackLivesMatter was tweeted by Patrisse Cullors. The hashtag spread almost immediately on Twitter, starting the online movement. Soon,… Read More

How much does the music in commercials matter?

A pair of headphones sitting on top of a piano.

Last week, Amazon Prime released a promotional video listing all their offered features. Loyal users are presumably aware of all that this one-click shopper enabling site has to offer, so why the creation of a new advertisement?   The commercial displays strong elements, both visually and musically. It is designed, choreographed, and styled much like… Read More

One Night at Bernie’s: Med students suspended for partying with a corpse

Characters from Weekend at Bernie's

College can be stressful on any student, especially students in medical school. Taking time to blow off some steam is vital for stress management. Nine med-students decided to take a break and unwind as they celebrated their last night before becoming fully-qualified doctors, and they decided to invite a guest that was just dying to… Read More

Black Lives Matter movement strengthens in wake of police shooting


After the Ferguson protests over the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown by police, it seemed like officers were going to be more careful about firing their weapons.   In the wake of yet another shooting of not one but two unarmed black men, it seems as though changes have yet to be seen.   Last Thursday, step-brothers… Read More

Google crowdsourcing crisis highlights dilemma for brands seeking to empower public

Image of someone holding a phone in their hand with the Google Maps application in use.

Google has officially set things straight after its crowd sourcing approach to content building led to the appearance of racial slurs in Google Maps search results.   The search algorithm responsible for stirring up controversy made it so that users who searched for the terms “nigga house” or “nigger king” on Google Maps were directed… Read More