Women leaders in STEM: Regina Agyare, software developer and social entrepreneur


Growing up in Ghana, Regina Agyare remembers the weight of the expectations placed upon her from an early age.   “Growing up, you were kind of told what you were going to do back then. I was good in math or science, so I was told I was going to be a doctor.”   It’s a… Read More

Is it possible to change deeply rooted public perceptions shaped by gender?


From the way we express our emotions to the language we use in confrontations, men and women have vastly different ways of communicating. The different communication styles are deeply rooted in perceptions shaped by gender, the various ways men and women view the world around them. For those of us in communications, this presents challenges that… Read More

Social media doesn’t cause stress, unless you do it for a living


It’s been a busy week in the world of scientific conjecture. A recent report by the Pew Research Center revealed several key findings about the relationship between stress and social media use. According to the report, which used the “Perceived Stress Scale” questionnaire as its method of gathering evidence, there’s no direct relationship between social… Read More

#DeflateGate: “Manufactured outrage” or genuine demand for accountability?

Bill Belichick picture

We’re far from closing the book on the #DeflateGate controversy that has gripped the nation since the AFC title game, but we can safely assume that the legacy of the New England Patriots being serial cheaters is firmly in the record books. Whether or not the Patriots are truly cheaters is unclear, but that’s also beside… Read More

Three and a Half Acres: Lara Land’s new non-profit promotes social change through yoga

Brian G. Murphy/Harlem United via nydailynews.com

Yogi Lara Land has made a name for herself teaching yoga in her own studio in Harlem, as well as around the world. For her, yoga’s ability to transform the mind, body, and spirit makes it far more than a physical activity; it makes it a possible force of social change. Land has harnessed this… Read More

Countdown to Super Bowl 49: Four PR lessons we can all learn from deflategate

Bill Belichick (Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports)

There is still a football game to be played, right? The national obsession with inflation levels of the New England Patriots’ footballs, and the presumed scandal contained therein, have reached epic levels of mockery and have made it feel unseemly to talk about the actual on-field match-up of Super Bowl XLIX. However, one thing we… Read More

Most noteworthy fashion statements on the runway this season


Runway season has officially begun. As with fashion seasons past, designers and makeup artists are recognizing the public desire to see something fresh. Once again, they are seeking ways to push the envelope and give their audiences what they crave. It’s a task that only gets harder each season, as past runway shows consistently set the… Read More

The thigh gap controversy: Latest Urban Outfitters incident changes conversation on body shaming


Critics of modern society’s obsession with thinness have long attributed the issue to biased marketing and media. Think back to the Target thigh gap Photoshop debacle of last year. While the retailer later came forward to apologize for the incident, this is nevertheless a clear example of how marketers cling to particular body images based on… Read More

Hot topics in health: How Twitter can predict heart disease risk


Social media has transformed our society tremendously. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have reshaped communication and the spread of images, information, and ideas. It is a power that has been tapped into by practitioners in a variety of fields, including PR.   A new study from the University of Pennsylvania is now demonstrating how social… Read More