TV Review: “The Flash” Attempts to Bring Male Viewers to CW Network

The CW Television Network recently launched “The Flash,” a series based on the DC comic book series. The network’s step into the DC Comics universe— though not the first, with its already popular series “Arrow” entering its third season this fall — represents a possible attempt to widen its audience to more male viewers. While the CW… Read More

The Scent of Attraction: How Smelling Good Can Improve How People Perceive Your Physical Attractiveness

When you’re getting ready to go out, you might start off by doing your hair, follow up with some make-up, and spritz yourself with your favorite scent as a finishing touch. After all, it’s not just enough to look good; you also want to smell good. What you might not have known, though, is that… Read More

Opinion: Will Smartwatches Take Off?


Smartwatches have attracted significant attention in the world of technology over the past few weeks. Recently, Apple announced that they would be releasing their own smartwatch in early 2015, marking their first foray into the smartwatch industry segment. Moreover, the attention that Pebble has accrued through its Kickstarter project certainly demonstrates the public’s interest in… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How You Can Relieve Stress By Coloring

Coloring is an opportunity to embrace your creativity and free your imagination. At least, that’s the case for children. After reaching a certain age, coloring becomes a thing of the past and the activity hardly finds a place in our adult lives.   According to research, however, it might be time for adults to whip… Read More

10 Best Travel Apps

No more desperate searching for an ATM with Priceline.

Smartphone apps have become essential tools in the everyday lives of many. However, keep in mind that apps can come in handy away from home, too. A smartphone equipped with a solid set of apps can lessen the various struggles and dangers that traveling may present. Be sure to take advantage of these 10 great… Read More