For the Love of Your Body: Cancer Research Calendar Transforms Women’s Body Insecurities into Art

A woman’s relationship with her body is always a bit of a mishmash of mixed emotions, but too often do the negative emotions and opinions tend to outweigh the positive. All it takes is one look at the long list of terms women use to describe their “problem areas” — terms like muffin top, thunder… Read More

How to Make the Switch to Vinyl


Starting a vinyl collection can become a rewarding, lifelong interest. While downloading or listening to music online is often the cheaper and easier route, it’s also a very impersonal route. Buying and unwrapping a physical piece of music can make the process of listening to music a more intimate experience. The physical size of the… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Smart Ice Skates are the Latest in Smart Athletic Gear Aimed at Reducing Sports Injuries

Figure skating is a sport which manages to combine athleticism and art all in one aesthetically pleasing package. As beautiful as it is to watch, one rarely considers the level of stress that figure skating can put on skaters’ bodies, particularly their joints. This stress can ultimately make each remarkable triple axel or salchow as… Read More

Navigating the Brain: Does Consciousness Equal Life?


Sometimes, the line between life and death can become quite blurry and subjective. The family of Jahi McMath has been affected by this subjectivity in a devastating way. Last December, the teenage girl was declared brain-dead after a surgery to treat her sleep apnea failed and resulted in cardiac arrest. The doctors at UCSF Benioff… Read More

Not the Same Old Social Network: How Fitbay is Changing the Experience of Shopping Online

Online shopping is a blessing — one with the potential of turning into a complete disaster. In other words, we love online shopping for its convenience, its endless variety of products, and its ability to let us hunt for the best deals. On the flip side, we hate that we can never know exactly what… Read More