What Crisis Communicators Can Learn from Ferguson

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Opinions about the Ferguson decision aside, few would disagree that the city of Ferguson made multiple errors in the way it communicated its message to its citizens. City leaders ignored even the most basic rules of crisis communications, and instead defiantly wrote their own, with great consequence to all their stakeholders. Timing Timing is everything.… Read More

DIY Sugar Scrubs to Show Your Skin Some Love This Winter


With demand for organic beauty products on the rise, it’s not surprising that there has been a burgeoning of companies which have built their brands on the concept of natural skincare and beauty.   Because so many all-natural products boast the same commitment to their lack of harsh chemicals and toxins, one of the most… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Researchers Take Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Further Than Ever Before


For individuals with conditions like upper limb paralysis, the concept of restoring their natural movements and control over their bodies is incredible. Thanks to scientific research and technological advancements over the years, the steps that have been taken in the medical world towards making that concept a reality have been tremendous — particularly the development of… Read More

Corporate Responsibility is Good PR

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Enron, BP, Lehman Brothers: These are just a few examples of corporate social irresponsibility that have negatively affected the way the public views corporations. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, corporations and the people who run them are losing the public’s trust. Consumers have access to more corporate information than ever, and consumers are increasingly loyal to… Read More

Celebrity Brand Ambassadors: How they Can Help or Hurt Your Brand


Celebrities have been featured in advertising campaigns for decades, but celebrity brand ambassadors are a fairly recent phenomenon. There’s no doubt that the power of a popular celebrity helps brands sell products and reach mass audiences. Brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi, for example, have maximized profits and increased brand awareness with the help… Read More

The Breastfeeding Selfie: Alyssa Milano Challenges Society’s View of Women’s Bodies


The media is no stranger to the overexposure of women’s bodies and the theory that “sex sells.” We’ve seen women dancing around in barely-there outfits for music videos or gracing the covers of fashion magazines with their, shall we say, assets covered by nothing more than unzipped jackets or their own hands.   With the constant… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer


For so many people, the thought of space exploration is a reality so removed from their own that it seems almost unreal. For rocket scientist Natalie Panek, space exploration has always been a serious goal — one which she has been working towards since the beginning of her career in the aerospace industry, including her… Read More

Do I Really Need a PR Company?

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The Internet has changed the way we do business, requiring marketers, advertisers, and public relations practitioners to rethink the way they send messages to the public and communicate through the media. Although the changes have been mostly positive, they’ve also caused a lot of confusion. The end result is that advertising, marketing, and public relations… Read More

Hashtag Hijacks that Went Terribly Wrong

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Community managers are quick to jump on a trending hashtag, often without knowing the meaning of the hashtag. In other cases, well-meaning brands create hashtags intended to spark positive engagements with followers, only to have the hashtags used against them. Both are examples of hashtag hijacks, and they can be disastrous for brands. Here are… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How Striking a Power Pose Can Reduce Stress and Boost Your Confidence


We all hate the feeling of being weighed down by stress, or being held back by anxiety and self-doubt. These are feelings that don’t exactly foster positive outcomes in our educational, professional, or social pursuits. While the moments when these feelings hit may have you feeling like you are a victim to your mindset and… Read More