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Kate Brown has a BA in Communications and currently resides in San Francisco. She loves creating and engaging in art, and has been a part of art shows all around the west coast! Her favorite pastimes include trying out new cafes and pizzerias, watching HIMYM on repeat, having adventures (aka reading), and writing prologues for random story ideas. Follow her on Twitter @kateeb790!

The Research Speaks for Itself: The Benefits of Female Leadership

In recent times, a new kind of leader is emerging and making headlines. One who is selfless, helpful and puts the concern of others before themselves. The characteristics that are valued in a leader are changing, and it seems that women are better able to embody those traits than men.   According to the Huffington… Read More

SOMArts Night Light Multimedia Garden Party 2014: A Night to Remember

There are many things you can find that are unique to San Francisco, but none can be as interesting as the art you would find at the annual SOMArts Night Light Multimedia Garden Party.   Much like last year’s event, SOMArts hosted a wide variety of installation art, performance art, as well as musical talent… Read More

Opinion: The Stigma of Mental Illness and How to Fix It

Mental illness affects one in four adults — about 26.2 percent of people over the age of 18. That means in your lifetime, there is a high probability that you will meet, interact, work with, or know someone with a diagnosable mental illness — anything from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or even post-traumatic… Read More

Miss Iowa, Born Without Forearm, Talks Acceptance and Diversity: “I’m Just Like You”

Like other contestants in the Miss America Pageant, 23-year-old Nicole Kelly has some incredible traits. She is intelligent, ambitious, with a friendly personality.   “The reason I’m here is not because I’m a public interest story,” she told The Associated Press in September. “I’m here not because I look different but because I have the intelligence,… Read More

The New Streaming Service by Sub Pop Records Will Promote Independent Labels and Young Artists

In a world of pirating, internet radio (such as Pandora or Spotify), and YouTube, making it in the music industry is harder than ever. While these services are great for audiences that want to listen to music without having to pay for each song, this is really hurting bands that have smaller audiences.   According… Read More

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Confession time: everyone wants more likes on Instagram. Anyone who says differently tends not to post or does not even have an account. Likes, however, can be quite elusive. However, thanks to Cosmopolitan and some research done by various sources, there are a few sure fire ways we put to the test that generated the more likes.… Read More

Time for a Raise? “Scraping By,” Lowdown on Minimum Wage

KQED recently posted an incredible slide show to spread awareness and knowledge about the minimum wage. What is the federal minimum wage versus the state minimum wage? How does minimum wage now compare to minimum wage 50 years ago? Does raising minimum wage encourage businesses or discourage them? KQED has set out to answer all… Read More

Abortion, Domestic Violence, and Poverty: Why Nevada’s Lucy Flores is an Advocate for Women’s Rights

Few politicians are as open with their past as Lucy Flores, and she might be better off for it. Flores is running for Lieutenant Governor in Nevada, and is using her hard past as a way to connect with voters. While her decision to be so open may be controversial to some, it is turning… Read More