You have probably heard the advice that to stop the nosebleed, you should tilt your head backward and pinch your nose. This is one of several quick fixes we hope can stop a nosebleed in its tracks.


However, what you may have been unaware of is that this tip is only half accurate. Knowing which way to tilt your head can be the difference between successfully handling a nosebleed and trying to do so at the expense of other aspects of your health.


By pinching your nose and leaning forward to stop a nosebleed, you don't risk letting any blood drip into your throat (

By pinching your nose and leaning forward to stop a nosebleed, you don’t risk letting any blood drip into your throat (

The best way to successfully battle a nosebleed is by tilting the head forward — not backward — while simultaneously pinching your nostrils just below the bone in the center of your nose. By applying pressure to your nose while tilting your head forward, you can stop the flow of blood and put an end to your nosebleed. Be patient, though, as it can take around ten minutes of steady pressure to stop the nosebleed completely.


The issue with tilting the head backward while pinching the nose, which is a common mistake, is that this method leads to the blood traveling into your throat. This can lead to severe coughing or cause you to choke. If too much blood is swallowed, you may develop an upset stomach or even begin to vomit.


It is interesting to see how such a small shift in movement can make such a major difference when it comes to your health. More than that, it causes one to wonder how a potentially dangerous method managed to become such a commonly accepted and utilized technique for stopping a nosebleed despite its errors.


The power of persuasion and public opinion are important factors to consider in a PR campaign. It demonstrates how the prevalence of an idea can be enough for us to cling to it as a society, regardless of whether that idea is built on a strong foundation.


However, it is necessary for accurate information to steer people’s tendencies, as opposed to just normalized public opinion. This is true in any case, but especially so when it comes to health.


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